Beethoven Festival Orchestra

The goal of the Beethoven Festival Orchestra is to develop multicultural audiences. When diverse groups of people come together and experience the arts as one… they develop an appreciation for our shared humanity. Making the arts accessible to as broad an audience as possible helps build a better society.

Unfortunately classical music presentation is often characterized by an elitist attitude of exclusivity and exclusion. The main purpose of the Beethoven Festival Orchestra (BFO) is to provide affordable performances by the highest caliber artists. All seats for the same price as a movie ticket, and half price for students and seniors.

The organization embraces all kinds of music. Then why is it named after Beethoven? Beethoven wrote that his music was for the benefit of the poor. He intended his music to be enjoyed by everyone, not just an elite segment of society. It’s the same with all the great composers. The word “festival” in the entity’s name describes each performance as a special event.

A key component is the outreach program, bringing small groups of performers to schools and churches, especially in communities to provide first-time exposure to classical music thereby stimulating interest among populations who might not otherwise seek out such entertainment.

Another important component of the BFO will be its youth orchestra instilling in its members the values of unity and hard work toward the achievement of great results, with musicians from the professional orchestra mentoring and coaching the individual sections of the youth orchestra.

Cesare Civetta

Cesare Civetta PortraitCesare Civetta has conducted over 60 orchestras in 15 countries with sold-out performances at Lincoln Center and Madison Square Garden. His concerts have been broadcast on ABC, CBS, NBC, National Public Radio, Swedish Radio, Voice of America, and the South African Broadcasting Company.

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